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Welcome to our Sawn timber product calculator, we have designed this calculator so that you the customer can enter the length, width, and thickness of timber you require, you can then add this to your basket enter your shipping address and you will have a price for both your timber and your delivery. Which species should I use? Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a description of each species of timber we supply.

Step 1 – select species of timber (Descriptions of individual species can be found at the bottom of the page)
Step 2 – select Length, width, depth, and quantity required
Step 3 – Go to checkout enter your shipping address and complete payment your order will then be dispatched within the allotted time frame.

All our sawn and timber beams come straight off our sawmill line, as such the moisture content can be as high as 40%.

Descriptions of individual species can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Sweet Chestnut

The sapwood is narrow, and distinct from the heartwood, which is yellowish-brown in colour, closely resembling Oak in appearance resulting from the finer rays. The grain may be straight, but is more commonly spiral, particularly in wood from old trees. It weighs about 560 kg/m³ when dried. On account of its somewhat acidic character Chestnut tends to accelerate the corrosion of metals, particularly when moist. It also contains tannin, as a result of which blue-black discolouration’s are prone to appear on the wood when it comes into contact with iron or iron compounds.

  • Strong, and durable used for construction of fences and Buildings
  • Can be planed to a smooth finish
  • Lighter in appearance than oak
  • Cheaper than oak

British Larch

The heartwood is pale reddish-brown to brick-red in colour, sharply defined from the narrow, lighter-coloured sapwood. It is a very resinous wood, clearly marked annual rings, a straight grain, and a fine, uniform texture. It is rather heavy, weighing 590 kg/m³ when dried. Knots are plentiful and add to the overall character of the wood.

  • Durable
  • Machine easily
  • Excellent choice for cladding
  • Produces great quality beams and posts
  • A real favourite here at the sawmill

British Cedar

The sapwood is narrow and white in colour, and the heartwood is reddish-brown. When freshly felled, the heartwood often displays a marked variation in colour. After drying, the wood assumes a uniform reddish-brown tone, but after long exposure to weather the colour is lost, and the wood becomes silver-grey. This weathered appearance is sometimes purposely sought by architects, but a further peculiarity of the wood is its ability to take and hold stain of the finest tint without discolouration. The wood is non-resinous, light in weight, about 390 kg/m³ when dried.

  • Strong and durable when used as cladding and beams
  • Gives off a sweet perfume smell
  • Planes to a super smooth finish
  • When oiled the grain of the cedar looks stunning resulting in a stunning finish

British Oak

This is a durable hardwood. 720kg per cubic meter, density can vary by 20% or more. Iron staining may occur in damp conditions, similarly corrosion of metals use stainless fixings to present this occurrence. Heavy structural use, Cladding, Joinery – Exterior, Joinery – Interior, Furniture, Flooring, Sleepers, colour Yellow.

  • Known for its durability and heritage
  • Machines extremely well
  • Lots of character
  • Used for cladding posts, beams and cladding